Welcome to our new blog. The University of Stirling celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017 and throughout the year we will be highlighting the contribution of the University Archives and Art Collection to the academic and cultural life of the campus. In this blog we will reflect on 50 years of collecting at the University of Stirling. In September 1967 the university opened for the first time with bare walls and empty storerooms. Today our art collection and Pathfoot Galleries are fully accredited by Museums Galleries Scotland and our archives attract researchers from around the world.

The University Library photographed in the early 1970s.

Our collections contribute to an inspirational study environment in which learning flourishes. The value of art and culture as part of the student experience has been central to the university since its foundation. It was the vision of the University’s first Principal, Dr Tom Cottrell which led to the foundation of the art collection, a collection which has grown to be of international significance. Our University Library provides a home for our archives and special collections, creating an intellectual and cultural hub at the centre of the campus. Every week during our 50th year we will add another article to this blog, showcasing the artistic and cultural treasures held in the university.

“Learning flourishes in an inspirational study environment. Here at the University of Stirling, we have, from our earliest days, considered the arts to be an essential component of both our vibrant campus and the exceptional student experience we offer.”¬† Professor Gerry McCormac, Principal & Vice Chancellor

Cover of University Treasures publication produced to celebrate the opening of the new University Library in 2011.