#10 Campus Life

Photograph of students in Pathfoot Building, 1971 (Ref. UA/P/3/464)

This photograph featured in an article published in the February 1971 issue of the magazine Scottish Field. The caption for the image read: Students enliven one of the University corridors, busy with information about the University activities.

The article provided a detailed account of the early years of the new university. Having first visited the campus in 1967 the journalist noted that:

Three and a half years ago it was my privilege to see something of Stirling University as it then was: a couple of old-world cottages and a makeshift library where potting-sheds had stood; the shell of the Pathfoot unit and a superlative setting.

Changes since then have been dramatic; even in the mud and murk of early winter they create a remarkable impression of achievement. At the heart of the campus there is constructional activity going on that is scarcely even guessed at by those who pass by on the flanking roads to Bridge of Allan and Menstrie.

Much of the evidence for this phase of construction is preserved in the extensive photographic collection held in the University Archives. These images provide a fascinating visual record of the growth and development of the campus.

With the university celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017 we are keen to expand our collections to provide a comprehensive record of life on campus. Photographs are a key element in this endeavor. As part of the Open Doors Day events being held on campus on Saturday 18 March we are throwing open the doors of the University Archives to celebrate the history of the university. Bring along your old photographs of the campus and share you memories of the university with us!



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