#21 Graduations

Graduations are always an exciting day for students and staff. They mark the end of one journey and the start of a new one. A day tinged with sadness but also with anticipation for what lies ahead.

In the University Archives we have  a range of material related to the graduation ceremonies, including the first discussions on how they would be conducted and who would be involved.

Report of the first graduation on 10th Dec 1968 from the University of Stirling Bulletin Vol 1 No.IV, Dec 1968.


The first graduation for undergraduates took place in the Pathfoot building on the campus, in June 1970 . We have the internal memo for University staff detailing the event, the procession and seating and the booklet used on the day.

Our collection also includes copies of graduation addresses

We have graduation booklets for graduation ceremonies not just on the Stirling campus but also for graduation ceremonies which took place in Inverness for students graduating on the Highland campus.


Nowadays graduation ceremonies for Stirling students are held on campus but in the past graduation ceremonies were also held in the Albert Halls in the city of Stirling. This picture is of a sunny graduation day outside the Albert Halls in 1995

Our collection of photographs provides a historical record of the many nationaities who have studied at the University of Stirling, this is a photograph from 1981 of Malaysian students with the principal Sir Kenneth Alexander (centre) and the Chancellor of the University Sir Monty Finniston (right).


For many Stirling graduates the essential part of graduation is the obligatory photograph by the loch. These happy Public Relations students from 1993 are typical of the many hundreds of photographs in our collection.

Happy graduation to all !

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