#11 Keeping Music Live

The Musicians’ Union Archive records the history of the organisation since its foundation as the Amalgamated Musicians Union in 1893. Our collection is rich in administrative records of both the central organisation and of the 60 plus branches spread across England, Scotland and Wales. It includes accounts, reports, concert programmes, conference papers, correspondence, directories, membership material, minute books, photographs, press cuttings, strike material and papers relating to campaigns led and supported by the union.

The Musician, the magazine distributed to members of the Union provides an insight into the issues of the day facing working musicians and its covers provide a historical snapshot of the world in which the musicians worked. You can access a full gallery of these covers on our Flickr pages.

Cover of July 1967 issue which contained an editorial on the impact of musicians from the EU working in the UK.


Spring 1975. International Women’s Year. Fighting for equality.


Live Aid, 1985.




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