#22 A Day for Scotland

In the early 1990s the Campaign for a Scottish Assembly and other groups sought to use public events to keep the issue of devolution in the limelight. The first of these was ‘A Day for Scotland’held in Stirling in the summer of 1990.   This music event was organised by Stirling Council and the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC). It was attended by approximately 38,000 people and featured bands such as Runrig, Hue and Cry and Deacon Blue. The success of this event led to other music events and rallies.

The Campaign for a Scottish Assembly was a non-party pressure group launched in 1980 by politicians, academics and activists after the defeat of the 1979 devolution referendum.  The Campaign for a Scottish Assembly was subsequently renamed the Campaign for a Scottish Parliament.  In 1988 the CSA published the Claim of Right for Scotland, which proposed the establishment of a Constitutional Convention to agree a plan for devolution.  In 1989 the Convention was launched with the participation of representatives from the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats,Greens, trade unions, churches and other civic bodies.  

The Political Archive holds photographs, leaflets and publications related to the CSA and the Constitutional Convention.

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